PlanCare offers the best physiotherapy services at your doorstep. Our skilled and experienced therapists can assist you in recovering from persistent back problems, a frozen shoulder, a sports injury, or if you have been in an accident. PlanCare has physiotherapists on thier team who already are licensed, trained, skilled, and specialised who’re readily available to attend to all your needs. We provide clients with best home treatment sessions. We offer the following physiotherapy and rehab services: Physiotherapy for the Neurological Issues – Stroke Rehabilitation – Parkinson’s Disease Rehabilitation – Rehabilitation for Spinal Cord Injuries – Rehab for Multiple Sclerosis – Rehab for Motor Neuron Disease Physiotherapy for the Musculoskeletal Issues – Pain in the lower back – Neck Ache –[…]

Rather than queuing up at a x-ray room in hospitals, many patients now gradually seeking to have X-rays done with in the comfort of their own homes. Handy X-ray devices, which are particularly useful for the elderly or patients with serious conditions, can take as little as twenty minutes and digitally pass information to a radiologist. It can be difficult for some people at home to even get to the hospital in some situations. That has resulted in an increase in the popularity of transportable X-ray equipment. The alternative may be highly helpful for older patients, as a drive to the hospital might be difficult. A doctor’s recommendation is required to have an X-ray done at home. To do the[…]

Through PlanCare, home health care is special because it is typically less costly, more convenient, and equally as effective as care provided in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. Medical professionals such as nurses and therapists offer this sort of care to treat or manage a disease, injury, or medical condition. Medical services such as skilled nursing, as well as non-medical services such as social services or support with daily living, are covered in home health care services. Apart from these, the following are the home healthcare services that PlanCare is offering: Infusion care Injections IV care and management Medication, disease management and safety education Occupational therapy Physical therapy Rehabilitation Skilled nursing Therapeutic ultrasound Catheter for urinary issues Chest tube[…]

It won’t be wrong if we say nursing care at home, a future of healthcare!. Nursing care at home enables patients to get the best care at their own homes. No matter if it a terminal illness or just a normal health checkup, PlanCare has licenced and qualified nursing staff to provide you with the best quality care, anytime, anywhere. Benefits Of Nursing Care Services At Home There are many benefits that home healthcare offers us. Getting nursing service at home Nurses allows people suffering with serious medical conditions to remain in their own home rather than moving into sheltered accommodation. This helps them to live in the comfort of their own surroundings, as well as live nearby their spouse,[…]

As the end of the month approaches, all we we do is to plan how we’re going to spend our next salary. Clothes, outing, makeup, food, everything is on our checklist. But as soon as the salary arrives, POOF! it is gone.. We spend a lot of fortune of uneccessary things but tend to neglect some very important things that we should make a priority. Our face, hands and nails are the most exposed areas in the sun. We dont realise it much but it creates a downhill spiral with all the sweat we get on our body and hair as well. Our face, as compared to other areas of the body, gets more attention. Obviously, it is the most[…]

It is finally the most awaited time of the year! Ramadan is here already! It won’t be wrong if we say Ramadan has numerous health benefits for a human body, but how you maintaining the appearance of your body during this time is up to you! Physical fitness during Ramadan is as essential as it is all around the year. Specially for all those who suffer from mental and physical health issues, Ramadan is the best time for you to refresh yourself and maintain these both simultaneously. During Ramadan, staying fit and healthy is just a matter of little amendments in your daily routine. By the little alterations in the daily lifestyle we’re going to discuss in this article, you[…]

As we are experiencing new workplace norms in this post covid era, many employers are taking measures to provide healthcare services at workplaces. For these healthcare services, companies have planned to hire full-time on-site nurses at their workplaces. Companies worldwide are arranging on-site nurses where their active members can get the healthcare services to keep a check on their health. What Services Does an Onsite Nurse Provide? It has been a while since companies have started integrating health care in their workplaces for their employees to get treated without leaving the office. This has proven to be a good option to tackle minor injuries and safety needs. In today’s time, nurses at workplace are a source of health and safety[…]

Have you been wondering what causes our hair to be static suddenly?. It becomes a never-ending struggle and also, it gets very embarrassing. As far as we can remember, the static charge was only a challenge in winters, but it doesn’t have to be! It is true that we’re experiencing more static electricity these days! To learn more about this mystery, keep scrolling! What Is Static Hair And What Causes It? Some days, all of a sudden, our hair decides to take on a little extra electrons than usual and thus the electric charge!. This is exactly why your hair strands are repelling each other like magnets. Static charge makes the hair look dry, brittle and unruly. Also, they become[…]

More than half of the population in the world owns a smart device. There’s a 90% chance you might even be reading this article on your mobile phone right now. Due to this growing smartphones trend, doctors fear seeing more and more cases of thumb joint swelling and pain in people who use smartphones excessively. If you are an obsessive smart phone user or are a texter your thumb sometimes hurt while using mobile too, right? It is called “the texting thumb”. Keep scrolling to know more about this condition. What Is A Texting Thumb And How Can I Know If I Suffer From The Same Condition? While using mobile phones, we tend to make repetitive movements using our thumb[…]

Every year, as soon as summer arrives, it takes a toll on our skin. All the scorching heat, pollution, and humidity take the natural glow away from our face and leaves us with a dull complexion. To keep your skin looking bright and fresh all through the summers, here are the simplest steps you can follow! 1. Don’t Ever Let Go Of Your Sunblock Sunblocks should be ones best friend in summers. Most of the people do not use as much sunblock as it is required, but it is important for all of us to know how frequently it should be used. Opt for a sunblock lotion that has UVA and UVB products and comes in SPF 30 and SPF[…]