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What are Physiotherapy Home Services?

Physiotherapy Home Service is the innovative approach of the modern age to provide high-quality physiotherapy at home for patients. It reduces the worry of visiting hospitals or clinics for doctor’s appointments. By availing physiotherapy services at home, the patient can enjoy a relaxed and peaceful environment of home while taking their medication simultaneously as well. 

In Physiotherapy Home Services, a professional and highly qualified physiotherapist visits the patient’s residence and analyzes the physical ailments. This treatment can be unique and specialized according to each’s medical needs. This service is best for patients who are recovering from any surgery or any type of chronic pain/injury and need medical help to restore their physical movement of the body efficiently. 

Who Needs Physiotherapy Service at Home?

There is no specification for patients who need Physiotherapy Service at Home. Anyone suffering from any chronic pain or injury needs medical assistance to move or stand again on his/her foot. Here are some groups of people who can mainly benefit from the Best Home Physiotherapy services

Elderly patients

Elderly patients

Elders often prefer to stay at home and don’t feel comfortable visiting the hospital or clinic for their regular physiotherapy sessions. Physiotherapy Home Service ensures they get necessary physiotherapy at the convenience of their home without taking stress. 

Post-Surgical Patients

Post-Surgical Patients

After surgery, patients often f to move properly as they gain streedication. Home physiotherapy services in Pakistan provide not only every type of medical assistance to patients in the comfort of their homes for their quick recovery and to reduce the risk of any type of complications. 

People with Disabilities

People with Disabilities

Individuals with physical disability may find it difficult to visit the physiotherapy clinics.  Home physiotherapy services offer a convenient and affordable solution to get services in a familiar and comfortable environment.

Individuals with Chronic Conditions

Individuals with Chronic Conditions

Individuals who are suffering from any type of chronic disease can benefit from home care services. Physiotherapy at home allows patients to receive all the medical care and treatment in the comfort of their homes, without any need to visit hospitals. 

Busy Professionals and Parents

Busy Professionals and Parents

Because of corporate jobs, many professionals can manage time for their physiotherapy sessions, while Physiotherapy at home offers flexible time scheduling options to take their medical assistance at a time that suits them the most and fits into their hectic lifestyle. 



Athletes who are recovering from injuries and looking forward to improving better and faster can benefit from home physiotherapy services. Personalized care will be provided which will increase the chance of their quick recovery and enhanced performance.  They can avail medical assistance at home from experts.

Services Included in Home Physiotherapy

Plancare provides a range of home physiotherapy services, tailored to the medical needs of the patients. Our services include:

Why Choose Us

Plan Care: Your First Choice for Home Physiotherapy Services
Plancare is committed on a goal to providing you with the Best Home physiotherapy services

in Pakistan. Our team of highly qualified and expert physiotherapists provides services directly in the comfort of the patient’s home. They always ensure to give personalized and efficient medical treatments. Currently, Plancare is majorly serving some well-growing cities in Pakistan which includes home physiotherapy services in Islamabad, home physiotherapy services in Rawalpindi, and home physiotherapy services in Lahore and few other cities like Faisalabad and Sialkot. PlanCare also aims to extend its home physiotherapist and hem nursing services network into other cities of Pakistan very soon.

At Plancare, we know how patients feel when they get medical assistance at home in their familiar environment and how positively it impacts the recovery to better health. We are proud of the services we are offering as we have a track record of recurring positive 5-rated star reviews from our clients for providing exceptional care which promotes healing, and also improves the quality of life. 

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Benefits of Physiotherapy Home Services

How to contact Plan Care for Physiotherapy Home Services?

You can contact PlanCare to take benefit of medical healthcare services at home, especially physiotherapy home services. 

You can get in touch with us, by visiting our website, or email  info@plancare.pk, or phone number (+92) 304 111 1949

Lahore office: 112 E1, Ghalib Road, Block E, Gulberg III, Lahore

Islamabad Office: Plot 349, Street 1, I-9/3, I-9 Sector, Islamabad

Frequently Asked Question

What are the benefits of Physiotherapy at Home?

By taking Physiotherapy services at home, you can benefit in the form of a familiar environment, home convenience, flexible schedules, and affordability of service. It is especially beneficial for those who often can’t visit hospitals because of disability, chronic disease, growing age, or busy work routine.  By receiving medical assistance at home, patients can be prevented from mental stress and build positive energy to focus on their recovery and enjoy their independence. 

What is Physiotherapy at Home?

Physiotherapy at home means, getting physiotherapy services from highly qualified and licensed physiotherapists in the comfort of the home. This service’s goal is to provide you with the same type of care or medical assistance that will be given in clinics by experts but in a convenient environment at home. Our physiotherapists will bring all the medical tools or pieces of equipment needed for treatments at home in a bag and provide care with dedication and focus. 

In Which Cities is Plan Care Providing Physiotherapy Home Services?

Currently, Plancare covers four to five major cities in Pakistan including home physiotherapy services in Islamabad, home physiotherapy services in Rawalpindi, Home physiotherapy services in Lahore, Home physiotherapy services in Faisalabad and Sialkot. Soon we will grow and move to other cities as well, our mission is to provide access to expert medical care services to as many people as possible regardless of their location. 

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