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Elderly care which is also termed as senior care is a specialised care plan for elderly citizens in Pakistan by PlanCare. The senior care plan focuses to enhance the varied needs and requirements of the old citizens. Senior citizens who need living assistance or medical care usually opt for such services. Old age is not the primary reason for taking elderly care at home rather it’s the disability or disease that needs to be managed through professional care.

In Pakistan, most of the elderly citizens still live with in a joint family structure and usually taken care by the family members. However, the dynamics of the society in large cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad are particularly changing where nuclear family structure have significantly increased over the years. Also, a large population outflow from Pakistan for living a better livelihood while leaving old parents back home has increased the demand of elderly care at home.

Elderly Care services 

PlanCare provides comprehensive care packages for elderly care in Pakistan. Moreover, the focus of such care is to enhance the livelihood of senior citizens. There are several key reasons to take up such care services.

Assistance in Daily Living

PlanCare caregiver or attendant takes care of the basic needs of the patients including medication management, dressing, bathing, bed-pan, and hygiene care. At old age particular those who are lesser mobile need assistance in their daily livings. Caregivers training to deal with older people help them to enhance their quality of life by following a comprehensive care management plan.

Elderly care DEMENTIA patients  

The progression of dementia at older age requires compassionate care. However, early stages are managed well for a certain period by the family members. It becomes difficult to manage at later stages when it is difficult for patients to recognise their family members, take their medication or meals on time. PlanCare caregiver plan for dementia patients provides comprehensive assistance. This includes daily living assistance, medication management, hospital coordination, hospital transportation, tele-consultation.

Preventive Care management

Preventive care management helps older patients to avoid any kind of medical injury. Importantly, Old age falls related injuries is a serious problem that causes pain, disability, loss of independence and earlier death. As per WHO, up-to 35% of the old age people within the age bracket of 65-70 years fall each year. This percentage continuously increases and reaches almost 42% above 70 years. This is a high concern for medical community and healthcare providers at it does not only causes health care burden but also makes it difficult for families to manage. Elderly care services particularly help in preventing falls

Nursing services for Post-Acute care

Elderly care services helps individuals for post-acute care. Secondly, patients taking treatment from an acute care setting, like, hospitals, ambulatory care or emergency care need careful recovery to avoid readmission in hospitals. These patients need follow up treatment and recovery from their primary illness in a setting that provides comfort and cure. The aim of such services is to bring back to normal life. Such care services help in faster recovery and enhance the quality of life.

Faster Recovery

In-home elder care has been proven to help with recovery.

Reduced Health Hazards

Home care for seniors reduces the number of hospitalizations.

Cost Effective as compared to Hospital

Get professional, affordable care in the comfort of your own home.

Enhanced quality of life

Accidents are reduced by elder care services, ensuring safety.

What is the difference between caregiver attendant and nursing care ?

Broadly home care services are provided by professional qualifield nurses or trained attendants. The selection of the services are based on the patient conditions and care management plan. Moreover, patients who need specialized care like cancer, stroke, bed bound individuals and others need special assistance which can only be given by qualified staff. On the other hand, caregiver services provide services to individuals who do not have any medical need rather require assistance in daily living. This is the reason that nursing services and caregiver services for elderly differentiate a lot in terms of cost and service type.

Nurses near me for patient care

Patient Stories – Miss Alia Asghar took PlanCare caregiver services for her father in Lahore

My name is Alia and I live in United Stated. I moved here after I got married and living here in Nevada since 2013. I have one brother who also moved for study purpose to UK and settled there since 2018. We kind of made of our lives coming from the beautiful city of Lahore. Despite making our lives here, we always feel deeply connected to our roots, particularly because of my father. He is a retired officer of 72 years and suffering from Dementia of stage three. In our house in Defense lahore, our house helps took care of him for two years. However, since his dementia progressed, a specialised care was needed by a trained caregiver. I searched online for a trained professional and found PlanCare services.

Though, there were many other agencies, I found PlanCare extremely different because of their active response, detailed understanding of individual needs and having the largest pool of nursing and attendants in Pakistan. Particularly, after my first interaction with the nursing manager Mr. Sharoon Sohail, I realised I am taking to someone who understands my clear needs. He was extremely empathetic and guided me in detail. He arranged for a vigilant trained professional who assisted my father. I get regular updates through him on his detailed medical reports and daily vitals progress. The nursing assistant takes appointment for my father to the doctor, arranges transportation, helps him in daily activities. I feel connected to my father all the time. Secondly, I am thankful for plancare team who have taken such a great initiative in Pakistan where such services need are increasing day by day.

Recommendation from the Rewiewer

I highly recommend these services to any of the people who need living assistance, nursing services or nursing care for their parents in lahore. You can simply search on google, “nursing services near me” and call PlanCare help line number. You will not have to look back again after that. One of the best things about such services is replacement of the individuals when they have specific problems.

Mrs Alia Asghar, United States

How can PlanCare Help?

PlanCare’s has extensive plans which are straight forward without any hidden charges. After the proper assessment with the nursing manager, a proper care plan is given. PlanCare team also assist you with services such as through this plan.

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    Thank You PlanCare for taking care of my mother while I am abroad! Being an expatriate in the US, the only thing I miss is that
    I am unable to care for my mother. With your service, at least I am adding some value and comfort to her life by providing her the best care at the comfort of her home!

    Muhammed Hassan

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