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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, is an allied health profession that uses biomechanics or kinesiology, manual therapy, exercise therapy, and electrotherapy to help patients regain, maintain, and improve physical mobility, strength, and function.


Because Physiotherapists understand how the body works and are trained in clinical skills to assess, diagnose, and treat disabilities, physiotherapists can assist patients in regaining mobility. Patients suffering from injuries and disabilities such as back pain, neck pain, knee pain, and ligament problems can benefit from the services of physiotherapists.


Physiotherapy can also aid in the recovery of patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, paralysis, stroke, multiple sclerosis, or cerebral palsy. Furthermore, physiotherapists can heal both chronic and acute problems by treating patients at home.


What are the benefits of Physiotherapy at home?

Over the years, physiotherapy has been shown to be effective in restoring patients’ health and improving their physical strength, function, and mobility. Our Physiotherapists will come to your home and perform physiotherapy to enhance your physiotherapy experience. The following are some of the benefits of having a physiotherapist come to your home:

  • Allows for convenience
  • Provides individualised care
  • Accelerates the healing process
  • There are no mobility issues.
  • improved time management
  • Cost-effective
  • Family assistance and supervision


How can PlanCare help?

Patients are treated by our physiotherapists in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. Based on the patient’s needs, they assess, diagnose, and develop a treatment plan. Depending on the severity of the problem, a physiotherapy session lasts about 30 minutes. Our experts assist with basic and advanced movement exercises to improve the patient’s mobility.


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