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Home nursing services offer a wide range of healthcare services right in your own home. These services are often more affordable than hospital or nursing home care. At this comes without compromising the quality of service. Moreover, In-home nursing services deliver personalized care similar to what’s available in hospitals. This also creates a caring atmosphere for patients. This approach integrates well with the patient’s family life that helps in building strong emotional connections.

Trained professionals like nurses and physiotherapists offer these services in Pakistan. Companies like PlanCare makes sure the nurses are top-notch by carefully checking them. The difference between “Home Health Care” or “In-Home Nursing Service” and “In-Home Care” is clearer now. The first one is about medical care, while the second one is more about personal care and being a friend.PlanCare provides both nursing services and home care, but it’s essential to know that home care doesn’t include injection services.

If you Need routine injections, then Nursing services is the right choice of care. PlanCare offers routine or one-time injection services at home by a qualified nurse. Special discounts are available for repeat sessions. A customized package can be created for you based on the need. By choosing our nursing solutions at home for injections, you avoid hospital infections and save both time and money.

Home Nursing Services

Injection Administration at Home:

While getting an injection seems simple, it needs careful handling by trained professionals. For various reasons like age, injury, or busy schedules, some people can’t go to a doctor for injections. That’s why having the option to get injections at home is very helpful for them. They avoid the travel hassle and keep up with their medical needs. PlanCare is a leading home healthcare provider in Pakistan. The company offers high-quality nursing services at your doorstep. This makes injection services at home comfortable and hassle-free.

Benefits of Getting Injection Service at Home:

Several advantages come with having injections administered at home by trained and experienced nurses:

  • SAVES TIME & ENERGY: One major benefit is the time and energy saved. Avoiding the trip to a doctor or clinic not only saves travel time but also conserves your energy. In an era where home delivery is the norm medical services should be no exception. PlanCare provides the convenience of getting injections at home. Other nursing services also offer that includes special care for elderly, post-operative care, palliative care and others.
  • MAKES IT EASY & HASSLE-FREE:  For the elderly, injured, or those suffering from ill health, seeking medical care can be daunting. Getting injections at home simplifies this process. For those with a fear of injections, receiving care at home, with loved ones nearby, is incredibly reassuring.
  • RIGHT INJECTION MANAGEMENT FOR KIDS:  Administering injections to kids can be stressful due to their fear and discomfort. Home injection services make this process smoother for both the child and parents. PlanCare’s nurses are skilled in making injections as painless as possible for children.
  • ECONOMICAL: It’s also more cost-effective to have injections at home than at a hospital or clinic. Particularly, You save on travel costs and benefit from economical home nurse services. At the same time, having home nurse visitng your place in lahore, rawalpindi, islamabad or other cities in Pakistan can help you avoid the heavy traffic as well as long waiting hours in hospitals.

Nurse for Injection at Home with PlanCare:

PlanCare leads in providing home healthcare services in cities like Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. If you need a nurse for an injection at home, contact us. Overall, our experienced nurses provide efficient  injections at home following the direction of the doctor. This ensures ensuring a comfortable and reliable experience. You can call for a nurse at injection or share your prescription through a whatsapp. The agent will confirm the booking after confirming you the pricing of injection

Types of Injections We Provide at Home:

Our trained nurses can administer various types of injections at home, including:

  • Intravenous injections
  • Intradermal injections
  • Subcutaneous injections
  • Intramuscular injections

We ensure a smooth and pain-free process for our patients.

How Can We Help?

With PlanCare, you get more than just injection services. You gain a partner in your health and recovery journey. We offer a range of healthcare services, from doctor consultations to nursing care, physiotherapy, diagnostics, and more. Rely on us for comprehensive healthcare solutions tailored to your needs. The injection services can be given by a visiting nurse. Otherwise, you can opt for a long term nursing services who can assist you in daily living as well as fulfil the need of injection services. The second option is mostly opted by post-operative patients.


  1. CAN I HIRE A NURSE FOR AN INJECTION ON SHORT NOTICE? Yes, you can book a nurse for injection services on short notice, ideally 2 to 3 hours in advance. We’ll arrange the best nurse based on availability
  2. HOW OFTEN CAN A NURSE VISIT ME FOR AN INJECTION? The visit frequency depends on your needs. Our professional nurses can visit daily or at specific intervals.
  3. CAN I ASK FOR ADDITIONAL SERVICES LIKE WOUND DRESSING? Yes, additional services like wound dressing are available for an extra charge.
  4. HOW CAN I FIND NURSES FOR INJECTION SERVICES NEAR ME? For injection services in Pakistani cities like Lahore, Islamabad, or Rawalpindi, contact PlanCare. We ensure certified nurses are available for quality injection services.
  5. DO NURSES REPORT TO DOCTORS? Yes, our nurses keep our medical team informed, ensuring coordinated care.
  6. CAN I PAY ONLINE? Online payments are accepted, allowing you to pay conveniently from anywhere.
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