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Home Nursing Services

“Right nurse for right patient!”

Patient care at home is a growing demand in Pakistan. One of the prime reasons for such a high demand is changing family structure. Many people are either moving abroad leaving parents back home who need special care and attention to perform their daily activities. They need care in tasks which are simple yet need some support like taking a shower, support in washroom or merely taking the medication on time. This kind of support is not only needed by the parents of those who live abroad but also those who are living in nuclear families. The best way to manage these old patients is through supportive caregiver program or nursing care at home provided by the professional home nursing agency like Plancare.

PlanCare is Pakistan’s biggest nursing pool. Plancare adopts a patient-centric approach and aligns the right patient with the right caregiver. Consequently, a nurse, being well-trained and an expert in a specific field, cares more for a patient. She adopts an empathatic apprach towards patients that enhances the patient comfort.  The nursing care services include patient care services both for female and male. These services are available 24/7 in Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The best part of aligning with the agency like PlanCare is the piece of mind the patient attendant gets. This include no concerns of hygiene care of patients like pamper change or washroom assistance. Also specialized care services are capable of handling patients at home. These patients can be cancer patients or post-operative patients.

Punctual & Reliable:

Always on time, no sudden shift abandonments.

Professional Care

Ensuring safe and timely care delivery.

Confidentiality Priority

Maintaining client information confidentiality.

Strict Hygiene Control

Enforcing stringent  hygiene measures to ensure the utmost cleanliness.

Female and male nurses 24/7 support

The specialized nursing assistant or certified nurse’s provide dedicated support to patients. Patients who are terminally ill or recovering from a recent injury after hospital discharge need support in various activities. These activities include taking medication as directed by the physician. Managing chart for health care vitals like blood pressure, blood sugar and pulse. Importantly, nursing care is not complete without compassionate care. With compassionate care we mean that a patient is supported with high level of focus, empathy and understanding.

Every patient’s needs are different and thus a dedicated support be it a male or female patient is needed. This is the reason that plancare aligns female nursing care for female patients while only male nursing care services for male patients. From nursing staff side this enhances the confidence as they feel more touched and secured. Additionally, It is important to note that compassionate care without nursing skills may not fullfill the job. Additionally, Plancare has chosen to implement a thorough check and balance system for recruiting staff for this reason. The company tests the nursing staff, who provide specialized care services at home, both theoretically and practically. Plancare ensures that only nursing assistants certified by the Pakistan Nursing Council are registered to care for terminally ill patients. Also, Plancare performs a background check on the patient, offering peace of mind to the patient’s family members.

Nursing Assistants in PlanCare are licensed nurses who take care of the patients in their home. They regularly update the family members. They perform duties that may include:

  • Health monitoring
  • Oxygen Administration
  • IV/IM Therapy
  • Daily dose injections like Insulin
  • Tube Feeding Management
  • Catheterization
  • Post-surgery Treatments and Care
  • Disability Care Services

How can you avail Home Nursing Services in Lahore?

Booking for home nursing services in Lahore has never been so easy. Just pick up your phone and dial UAN # 0304 1111 989. You will be served by our call center representative who would perform a thorough check on the needs and requirement of your patient. Based on the assessment our nursing manager will contact you and align with you the right care giver or nursing assistant. If your patient is elderly and primarily requires hygiene care, meal preparation, or washroom assistance, we align a caregiver with them. However, For patients needing more advanced care, such as IV/IM injections, physical therapy, oxygen administration, or Foley catheterization, we assign a nursing assistant to them.

Choose Home Nursing Services by Plancare

Plancare renowned for it’s professional services which are based on the medically qualified and well-trained nursing staff. The specialized nursing staff who have performed training in various hospitals in Lahore along with several years of experience of patient care at home are the backbone of plancare. This is the reason that PlanCare has emerged as a the most profound nursing agency near you. Also, PlanCare is highly tech enabled. The nursing staff properly mark their attendance, time management is monitored as well as nursing notes are updated on the mobile app which is integrated into the centralized healthcare database of the patient. In case of need this data can be shared with the assigned physician making treatment more personalized for the patients.

Human Centric

Case Management

Taking Vitals

Wound Care

Oxygen Therapy


Nursing care services charges for short term basis

Most of the nursing care is long term basis where a patient needs continuous care like regularly checking the vitals, giving nebulization, oxygen administration as per the instructions. However, short term nursing can be given where a patient needs only 7 days nursing are services. The charges of such short-term basis is dependent on the patient condition. For example, if a service for elderly care is needed, involving washroom assistance, hygiene care, prevention of bedsores, and meal preparation, then the cost would be around 2000 PKR. However, if the patient requires more specialized care, such as wound dressing for bedsores, medical monitoring of an elderly patient, and ventilator monitoring, the service charges can range from 4000 to 8000 PKR, depending on the location.As detailed above, one care does not fit well with all patients and plancare focus is to provide the right care services to the right patient and therefore charges are flexible also


Human centeric

Respectful of clients’ boundaries


Delivered with honesty and integrity


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I request Care services in lahore?

Call 0304 1111 949 for Free Patient assessment. Our Care representative are active 24/7 to provide help in determining the right patient care and support. After thorough patient assessment, the right nurse or caregiver is aligned with the patient on shift basis

What are the duties of Nursting Assistant ?

Nursing assistants provide basic patient care, monitor vital signs, assist with medical procedures, and maintain patient hygiene. They also offer emotional support, report health concerns to nurses, and help with daily activities like eating and moving.

What is the cost of Care services in lahore?

The care provision cost depends on the level of care, the patient’s condition, and the distance to the patient’s home. Moreover, While these variables may cause the cost of care to vary, we can create a customized package to enhance patient care at home.

How is patient safety ensured?

Morever, planCare prioritizes providing utmost comfort to their patients and family members, ensuring the security of both the patient and their family members is a top priority. This is achieved by the following

  1. Adherence to Protocols: Following established healthcare protocols and guidelines rigorously.
  2. Proper Training: Ensuring all healthcare staff, including nursing assistants, are adequately trained in patient care and safety measures.
  3. Regular Monitoring: Continuously monitoring patients’ health status and environment to prevent and promptly respond to any complications or hazards.

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