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In recent years, there has been a growing demand for home nursing services in Pakistan. Families prefer home nursing over hospital care. This evolving shift could be because of the comfort of the patient and their affordable packages. However, some other factors need to be addressed properly. In this article, we will understand the factors that are causing this biggest twist in the healthcare industry. 

Understanding the term home nursing

As shown by its name, home nursing means providing nursing services to patients in the comfort of their homes. These services include both medical and non-medical assistance. PlanCare also provides home nursing services  currently in some cities(Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi). Plancare nurses are well-trained and know how to handle complex conditions very well. They make customized plans for individuals according to their unique needs. 

Overview of traditional hospital care in Pakistan

Traditional hospital care in Pakistan means patients have to visit and stay in the hospital for treatment till recovery. A hospital is a place where any type of medical assistance is always available, from emergency care to treatments. Hospitals are the main pillars of medical care, which provide an environment for patients to come and get medical assistance from experts. They also offer rooms to stay in if long-term care is needed for the patients 

Factors contributing to why preference shifts from hospitals to home nursing

In recent years, there has been a preferred shift of family members to rely on home nursing services rather than hospital care. Here, we analyze some factors that are causing this unbelievable shift. Let’s have a look at those facts. 

Convenience and comfort for patients

Why do patients need to go and stand in queue for their turn, when they can get all medical assistance in the comfort of their homes? Patients can take medical care while participating in daily routine tasks simultaneously. They feel safe and comfortable at home. According to statistics, 78% of patients recover more quality if they get compassionate care in their familiar environment. Patient can spend quality time with their loved ones and don’t need to get ready to visit the hospitals. 

Reduced risk of hospital-acquired infections

Hospitals are treating numerous patients with diverse diseases at a time. Some diseases can be infectious and spread using tools they use. For elders and children, any careless activity can create complexity in the future as their orgasm is not as strong enough to fight bacteria. Plan care’s home nursing minimizes the chance of infections caused by tools. Nurses clean the tools and then use them,  which is way more safe for patients than to get treatment in crowded places like hospitals.

Personalized care and attention

One of the major advantages of preferring Plancare is the nurse’s compassionate care for the patients. They do their best to recover patients. They make customized plans according to individual needs and pay sole attention to the single patients only. In the hospital, their attention could be divided for multiple patients but in home nursing services, their specialized attention and care help in not only quick recovery but also improve mental and emotional well-being

Cost-effectiveness of home nursing versus hospital stays

Home nursing is an affordable option than hospital stays or visits. During hospital stays, it needs expenses like accommodation, meals, medical procedures, etc. while in home nursing overall health costs will be reduced including transportation costs as well. Elders need continuous medical care, whereas staying in a hospital for months could be too expensive. Plancare Elder Care services at home are affordable and the best solution for elders. It provides compassionate care for elders that they deserve in the comfort of their homes.

Family involvement in care

While taking any type of medical care, the support of family members plays an important role. PlanCare’s home nursing services allow families to get involved in medical care and make their relationships strong with their patients. Family members can provide emotional support and make sure they are taking all dedicated care and that their all needs are met. This collaboration of family members with nurses will create a happy environment and enhance the overall well-being of the patient. 

Cultural preferences for home-based care

Pakistan is an Islamic country with a deeply rooted to its culture. They emphasize the importance of home, family, and elders in the home. Families try their best to provide the best medical or any type of care needed. Home nursing services are the best options that uphold their cultural values, and ensure that patients get all medical care at home. It’s the best service for females. Home nursing is safe and secure with affordable solutions for families who can’t afford expensive pro-longed stays in hospitals as well. 


Above we discussed the factors that are contributing to changing the mindset of people. 

Families in Pakistan have started preferring home nursing more than hospital visits. PlanCare is playing its role efficiently in providing the best nursing services for the patients/elderly etc. 

The main reason for the growing demand for home nursing is their specialized care, cost-effective solutions, familiar environment, etc. Plancare is leading in 3 main cities Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. If you are from Rawalpindi, you are going to take the best Home Nursing Services In Rawalpindi. So, what are you waiting for?

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