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Hospitals, in the time of covid have been marked as the unsafest place to visit. Consequently the treatments are now being done at homes. During the time of COVID19 pandemic, startups like PlanCare.pk have been providing door-to-door healthcare services efficiently. Be it IV medicines, X-rays, covid19 care, PlanCare offers all.

No matter if it covid19 lockdown or not, non-critical patients are recommended not to stay at hospital for a longer period of time. Whereas, serious infections require continuous care for not just days but weeks. Many of the patients who otherwise feel well and only require intravenous antibiotics can be easily treated at home as that costs them a lot more at the hospital. PlanCare has successfully served various patients at home by now.

The patients sent back to home can be administered exactly like hospitals with PlanCare’s dedicated nursing staff and get IV medicines at home. Moreover, there are other technicalities for IV antibiotic therapy outside the hospital which includes daily visits to an outpatient infusion center and requires professional assistance with the patient or their family members.

Iv therapy plays an important role in the patients’ recovery time. After undergoing surgery or while recovering from a serious illness, it is important to stay hydrated and get the right quantity of nutrients. For that, a patient might need Intravenous fluids, also known as IV fluids.

IV therapy has two types, first being injections and second, infusions. Before they are given to the patients, the medicines are diluted involving fluids that are called diluents.

1. IV Injections

  • IV injections that are otherwise called IV bolus, is a one time dose of treatment that is given through an injection into the vein. This is usually used in the times of medical emergencies.

2. IV Infusions

  • IV infusions on the other hand, are used for a slow treatment. It is given constantly and gradually for hours. IV infusions have two types, Drip infusion and Pump infusion.

Drip infusion

Drips consist of bags containing a liquid that is hung on a stand and is connected to the IV pipe that goes to the patients’ vein. The bags contain all the essential treatment medicines and it is then set to count the number of drips to prevent air from entering the patients’ bloodstream.
Drip rate is crucially administered by the nurses to make sure the number of drops per minute are accurate according to the patient’s need.

Pump infusion

This is the type when a pump attachment is connected to the IV pipe to more precisely control the amount of treatment into the patients’ body. Medicines through pump infusions are also given gradually, over the time.

Can IV Medicines Be Provided at Home?

Visiting hospitals every other day can be very stressful and disruptive. It can also upset our daily activities. To avoid frequent visits to the hospital patients and their families can always opt for home IV infusions. Limiting your trips to the hospital can save your transport cost, hospital service charges and lastly, lowers the risks of hospital-acquired infections, while keeping your loved ones comfortable at home. PlanCare’s nursing staff is properly trained and skilled to provide hospital-like services at your home. They’re fully vaccinated as well!

Here’s What Is Required To Get Treatment At Home

1. A prescription from the doctor, mentioning the following things:

  • The name, dosage, frequency and duration of the medication required for the patient. Name, dose, frequency and duration of medication
  • Amount and the type of dilution required
  • Requirements for the administration of the IV medicines
  • Approval for IV medicines at home from a doctor

2. Licensed Medical Professionals From PlanCare.pk

Check if the nurses are licensed because not all of them are competent at administering IV therapy.
Our PlanCare nurses are accredited professionals who work in professional environments and also, they are capable of administrating critical cases similar to the practice in hospitals.

To find out more, visit our website at plancare.pk or contact our team at +923041111949. Moreover, If you are unable to find your required list of IV treatments, we invite you to give us a call.

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