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Rather than queuing up at a x-ray room in hospitals, many patients now gradually seeking to have X-rays done with in the comfort of their own homes.

Handy X-ray devices, which are particularly useful for the elderly or patients with serious conditions, can take as little as twenty minutes and digitally pass information to a radiologist.

It can be difficult for some people at home to even get to the hospital in some situations. That has resulted in an increase in the popularity of transportable X-ray equipment. The alternative may be highly helpful for older patients, as a drive to the hospital might be difficult.

A doctor’s recommendation is required to have an X-ray done at home. To do the radiological examinations, a portable equipment and a qualified and skilled expert must be sent to the patient’s house. This is important to assure that a proper checkup is performed while also seeking to protect other individuals who could be present in the room from unnecessary exposure.

PlanCare lets nothing come in the way when it comes to our patients’ health. It is our utmost priority!

What benefits does it bring to you?

  • The X-ray at home services make sure our patients are catered in the best manner. For the patient’s comfort, medically trained and qualified team members from PlanCare perform X-rays.
  • Our portable X-ray equipments are convenient and safe to be used indoors at home.
  • PlanCare’s X-ray services cover all types of X-rays, i.e. chest, hip, arm, leg, and shoulder X-rays.
  • For the safety and ease of our clients, the X-Ray image and assessment are sent to their homes. Reports are also accessible on the internet for the patients to see.

At Home X-Ray Services Saves Your Time

Patients can begin with their treatment almost immediately. Without wasting your time on calling here and there for the information, call PlanCare at 03041111949 to get your X-rays done immediately!

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