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The demand for healthcare in Pakistan is rapidly expanding due to a number of factors like an aging population, a rise in chronic disease, and a preference for receiving treatment at home. Therefore, many individuals find that traditional hospital visits are becoming less convenient, which highlights the need for trustworthy and qualified home healthcare services. So, here you need Plancare which has made a name for itself in Pakistan’s home healthcare industry as a symbol of quality. Our mission is to provide excellent medical services at your home and change the way people view and receive healthcare across the country. Furthermore, as we go into the details of our services, it becomes clear why PlanCare is your best choice for home healthcare services. 

Our Home Healthcare Services:

Home Nursing Service

PlanCare provides skilled nursing care throughout Pakistan to ensure patients receive expert medical treatment at home. We provide wound care, intravenous (IV) therapy, drug delivery, and chronic illness management as part of this service. So, PlanCare’s licensed nurses are well-equipped to handle complicated medical situations providing individualized care plans tailored to each patient’s particular needs. Our Home Nursing Services are supplied by paramedical personnel such as Registered Nurses (PNC) Assistant Nurses midwives, Lady Health Visitors, and Nursing Assistants. Our home nursing services are available in two time spans including a short period in which medical assistance is provided to people for a brief period of time needed in Surgery, an accident, or a medical condition that is likely to improve. These short-term nursing care include:

  • Injection at Home Service
  • Wound Care at Home
  • Child Vaccination
  • ECG at Home
  • Ultrasound and X-ray at Home

The second approach is long-term home nursing services, which offer complete, 24-hour assistance to people in need of continuing medical, physical, and surgical care. These long-term nursing services include: 

  • Bedsore Care
  • Catheter Care
  • Infusion Services
  • Home Ventilation
  • Tracheostomy Care

Doctor Visit at Home

A general health check-up, seasonal fever, acute illnesses, or chronic sickness will always necessitate a medical consultation. However, when we are physically weak or ill the idea of going to the doctor can feel stressful.

PlanCare is aware of the need for easily available medical care. Our aim with our doctor consultation at home service is to provide you with the necessary medical attention without requiring you to make an inconvenient visit to a clinic or hospital. PlanCare’s team of exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable home visit physicians is committed to offering excellent care and support to guarantee quick recovery.

Our doctor visits at home services offer different benefits whether you need Routine check-ups, Acute care, Chronic disease follow-up, or Geriatric care. PlanCare offers comprehensive care, flexible scheduling, certified, experienced doctors visiting you at home, and clear communication. We provide comprehensive treatment that satisfies your emotional and medical needs. Our service is cost-effective and provides outstanding medical care at a reasonable cost.  

Elderly Care

Elderly care, also known as senior care is a specialized service created to address the unique needs and difficulties that older people face. So, PlanCare offers complete elderly care services in Pakistan and focuses on enhancing the lives of those who require help with daily tasks or medical attention. We all know aging is a natural part of life but many older people require professional home care due to disability or chronic illnesses.

Our caregivers ensure the comfort, hygiene, and emotional well-being of our elderly patients by helping with everyday duties, providing mobility assistance, administering medicine, and providing companionship. We provide our caregivers with continuous training on how to respond to each person’s needs and provide kind care at home. 


After an illness or injury, home physiotherapy is a crucial treatment that helps patients regain their strength and range of motion. Professional physiotherapy treatments are provided by qualified and experienced physiotherapists in your home by PlanCare. Our strategy is based on providing customized care that we adapted based on the specific requirements of each patient. In-depth evaluations are conducted by our physiotherapists to identify the root cause of the patient’s limitations in function and movement. Based on the diagnosis they create a personalized treatment plan that can incorporate a variety of therapy approaches. So, our physiotherapy at-home services target a range of conditions like musculoskeletal injuries, neurological problems, post-surgical rehabilitation, and chronic pain, with the goal of helping patients heal and function effectively.


PlanCare’s counseling services focus on mental health and emotional well-being. Counseling is a type of ‘talking therapy’ in which a skilled therapist listens to you and helps you manage your concerns. Furthermore, PlanCare provides a wide range of counseling services to help people deal with a variety of life difficulties. Our highly skilled and compassionate counselors offer confidential support therapy via audio and video conversations as well as in-home counseling sessions. This flexibility guarantees that assistance is available and helpful for everyone in need. We provide psychological psychotherapy, grief counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy,  Couples Therapy, Person-centered therapy, Depression Therapy, Anxiety Therapy, Anger Management Therapy, Educational Counselling, and drug abuse counseling. We offer a secure, private setting for patients to explore their emotions, develop coping mechanisms, and enhance mental wellness and resilience.

Lab Tests at Home

Home lab tests are a vital service that improves the efficiency of diagnostic processes. PlanCare provides a variety of lab tests including blood, urine, swabs, and specialized tests, for various health issues. PlanCare provides comfortable and convenient lab test at-home services.  In these services, our qualified staff collect samples whenever it’s comfortable for the patient. The company’s highly qualified phlebotomists guarantee sample integrity and accuracy by adhering to strict hygiene requirements. Results are available within 24 to 48 hours, allowing for prompt medical intervention. Patients can choose from a range of tests that enable precise diagnosis of various medical conditions. So, patients can electronically communicate their results to physicians for further guidance and treatment.

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