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Palliative Care Services


Palliative care is a specialized supportive care that helps in improving the patient’s quality of life dealing with life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, kidney failure, dementia, and many others. Palliative Care Services mean providing relief from symptoms, pain, and distress. PlanCare’s Home Nursing Services is striving to provide the best palliative care in the home in the comfort of your own home by qualified and experienced nurses. Its main goal is to make sure comfort, dignity, and support for patients throughout their journey.


What are Palliative Care services?

Improved Quality of Life:

PlanCare helps to improve the quality of life of patients seeking palliative care and their families who are facing challenges associated with life-threatening illnesses, whether physical, psychological, or social.

Continuity of Care:

Palliative care aims to work along with curative treatments providing continuous care throughout a patient’s healthcare journey. It is best possible in a home where patients receive constant support and care from highly trained nurses.

Holistic Approach:

Palliative care holds a holistic perspective, considering the physical, psychological, and social aspects of a patient’s well-being. PlanCare provides the best Home Nursing Care which acknowledges that managing symptoms and improving quality of life extend beyond medical treatment alone.

Improvement in Physical Symptoms:

One of the primary objectives of palliative care is to lessen physical symptoms that accompany serious illnesses. This may involve the use of medications such as painkillers or anti-nausea drugs. PlanCare Home Care nursing work closely with patients to assess and manage symptoms providing relief from pain and discomfort.

Improved Patient and Family Satisfaction:

Palliative care aims to involve the patient’s family in care planning, education, and decision-making. PlanCare provides the best home health care services that help to address their concerns, reduce caregiver burden and provide emotional support leading to greater satisfaction for patients and families.

Palliative Care in the Home:

Studies have proved that starting palliative care early in the course of an illness can help reduce hospital admissions, emergency department visits, and overall healthcare costs. PlanCare provides the best solution in this regard by providing cost-efficient Home Health Care services as compared to hospitals.


Challenges Faced by Nurses

Time Constraints and Workload:

Nurses providing palliative care often face time constraints and heavy workloads. They need to manage the needs of patients, provide emotional support and address the concerns of their families. Balancing these responsibilities within limited time frames can be demanding and may affect the quality of care. PlanCare has a big pool of nurses who perform their duties in two shifts of day to cater to these issues.

Emotional and Psychological Impact:

Nurses involved in palliative care often develop good relationships with patients and their families. Witnessing the pain and suffering of patients and their families may impact nurses emotionally and psychologically. PlanCare’s qualified and trained Nurses provide personal care and medical assistance to patients, ensuring they receive the best possible care.

Limited Resources:

Palliative care services may be limited in certain healthcare settings, leading to inadequate staffing, time constraints, and limited training and resources. PlanCare Nurses are trained enough to tackle these resource constraints while determined to provide optimal care to patients and their families.

Communication Barriers:

Effective communication is crucial in palliative care. Nurses may face challenges in communicating sensitive and complex information to patients and their families such as discussing care plans, treatment options, etc. PlanCare provides highly qualified and trained nurses who provide the best Home Care services by communicating all the necessary information.


Benefits of Palliative Care in the Home:

In many countries, including Pakistan, Home Care services in palliative care are often overlooked leading to excessive spending on medical expenses. This is important to explain how choosing a Home Nursing service can result in significant cost savings compared to hospital stays. By highlighting the importance that when palliative care is provided, we need to encourage patients and families to prioritize this vital service over costly hospital stays. PlanCare provides palliative care plans to meet the specific needs of each patient, making it an ideal choice for a patient who wants convenience and quality care.

Some of the benefits are:

Cost Efficiency of Home Care Services:

PlanCare services in Palliative care offer a cost-effective option as compared to hospital stays, as several charges such as room charges, ICU charges, and hospital administration fees will not be charged. By availing home nursing services of PlanCare, patients can receive personalized care in the comfort of their own homes without bearing the extra expenses of hospitals.

Complete 24/7 Care:

PlanCare Home Nursing provides round-the-clock palliative care services and assistance to patients dealing with life-threatening illnesses. PlanCare’s Trained Nurses offer medical supervision, medication management, wound care, and rehabilitation exercises, ensuring that patients receive continuous support and attention throughout their recovery process.

Enhanced Comfort and Convenience:

Recovering at home surrounded by familiar surroundings promotes emotional well-being and helps in the rehabilitation process. By opting for PlanCare Home Care Nursing, patients can experience the ease and comfort of their own homes while receiving professional medical care, leading to better overall outcomes.

Tailored Care Plans:

PlanCare Home Nursing services provide tailored care plans that cater specifically to the needs of each patient. Nurses can closely monitor and assess patients, adjusting their care plans as necessary to optimize recovery and improve health outcomes.



Home Nursing Services of PlanCare offer a cost-effective and comprehensive solution for individuals in need of Palliative care requiring continuous assistance. By choosing home nursing care, patients can save substantial amounts of money while receiving high-quality care in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. It is crucial for society to recognize the advantages of home nursing services and prioritize their utilization to enhance the well-being of patients and alleviate the burden of excessive medical expenses. The idea of PlanCare services is to provide you with the same quality of care as you would receive from a hospital or nursing home. If you are looking best palliative care near me, so don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance on our helpline at 0304 1111949 or our website at www.plancare.pk

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