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As we are experiencing new workplace norms in this post covid era, many employers are taking measures to provide healthcare services at workplaces. For these healthcare services, companies have planned to hire full-time on-site nurses at their workplaces.

Companies worldwide are arranging on-site nurses where their active members can get the healthcare services to keep a check on their health.

What Services Does an Onsite Nurse Provide?

It has been a while since companies have started integrating health care in their workplaces for their employees to get treated without leaving the office. This has proven to be a good option to tackle minor injuries and safety needs.

In today’s time, nurses at workplace are a source of health and safety because of the vast range of services they provide.

Here are a few you need to know.

  • On-site nurses provide rapid first aid and assessment for all the injuries that are work and non-work-related.
  • They can provide screenings for viral infection, disturbed vision, respiratory issues, hearing problems and blood pressure issues.
  • These nurses also offer preventative vaccinations
  • Complete first aid kit monitoring
  • Deal with all reports related to injury, incidents and also provide medical follow up for work related medical issues.
  • Can also develop and manage nursing care plans

Benefits of Having Nursing Services At Your Workplace

Nurses at workplaces are one of the best investments a company can make. Providing employees with on-site healthcare not only gives them satisfaction but also proves to have lasting benefits for retaining them. The outcomes of this service will outweigh the costs of it.

1. Nurses At Workplace Reduce Health Care Costs

For immediate healthcare available at the workplace, companies tend to save costs that are usually spent at hospitals. On-site nurses can provide immediate non-emergency medical care also, can help implement preventative measures that’ll reduce injuries from happening in the first place.

Above all, the nurses and care team will gradually become familiar with the workplace and will help to identify health and safety risks.

2. It Has Proven To Increase Productivity

Employees usually leave work for their or their family’s appointments, which can take about approximately four hours of productivity of an employee’s workday. If all the healthcare services are provided at workplace, it is said to decrease the number of hours wasted from an employee’s productive workday. It takes away the hassle of leaving the workplace, traveling, and receiving services offsite.

Having an onsite nurse takes about 15-minute for an appointment, which is not only convenient and productive for both the employee and the company.

3. Workplace Nurses Enhance Employee Satisfaction

To make sure the employees are happy and healthy, the best way to start is by giving them access to an onsite nurse. The convenience of healthcare services plays a huge role no matter if an employee uses a service or not. Moreover, it will help in attracting and retaining the current workforce.

Offering healthcare services to employees shows how much the company cares about the wellbeing of their people.

Having Nurses At Your Workplace Strengthens Your Workforce

No matter if the company has a team of 5 or a Fortune 500 company, adding an on-site nurse has lasting benefits the workers and for the organization in terms of finances as well.

Why PlanCare?

PlanCare offers customised services for companies according to their requirements. We offer quality services at comparatively lower costs. Also, our staff is certified, highly cooperative, professional and competent.

To contact PlanCare for corporate services, call at +923041111949.

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