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PlanCare offers the best physiotherapy services at your doorstep. Our skilled and experienced therapists can assist you in recovering from persistent back problems, a frozen shoulder, a sports injury, or if you have been in an accident.
PlanCare has physiotherapists on thier team who already are licensed, trained, skilled, and specialised who’re readily available to attend to all your needs.

We provide clients with best home treatment sessions. We offer the following physiotherapy and rehab services:

Physiotherapy for the Neurological Issues
– Stroke Rehabilitation
– Parkinson’s Disease Rehabilitation
– Rehabilitation for Spinal Cord Injuries
– Rehab for Multiple Sclerosis
– Rehab for Motor Neuron Disease

Physiotherapy for the Musculoskeletal Issues
– Pain in the lower back
– Neck Ache
– Knee problems
– Sports injuries
– Sciatica pain
– Piriformis

Rehabilitation for children and adolescents
– Cerebral Palsy
– Polio
– Motor Neuron Diseases

Rehab for the Elderly Citizens
– Old Age Rehab

Orthopedic Rehab
– Therapy for the knee replacement
– Hip replacement therapy services
– Therapy for spinal surgeries

Women Health
– Pelvic floor dysfunction scans

Physiotherapy Rehab Services in Lahore

Having a newcomer to your house can be quite upsetting. However, you can take comfort in knowing that PlanCare provides professional, customized, and high-quality physiotherapy sessions at your place. Our panel of professionals will review your situation and work with you to put together a plan that both you and your family will be satisfied with. Then our completely experienced, licensed, and background-checked care workers will come to your house to help you.

Our physiotherapy services at home will enable you to continue your everyday tasks just like before!. It’ll help reduce the pain, will improve strength, balance and your movement and will enhance your chances of a healthy and active lifestyle. Physiotherapy can prevent complications and can help you stay away from the hospitals.

PlanCare provides physiotherapy services at home in Lahore. With all the physiotherapy experience needed to address your problem, our professionals will coordinate with you and your family members to provide the same high-quality care that our patients have expected from us and that you’d receive in any reputed and reliable hospital across the country.

Call us now at 0304 1111949 to book yourself a personal caregiver/physiotherapist or visit our website www.plancare.pk to see the list of services that we offer!

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