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Nowadays the preferences of people change for the care of their loved ones. That’s why the need for nursing home services has increased significantly in Pakistan in recent years. This emerging trend highlights the increasing understanding of the critical role that trained caregivers play in guaranteeing patients’ comfort and well-being. Why is this trend increasing even in Pakistan where most of people think that they can assist in a better way rather than anybody else? The main reason behind this trend is that people now realize that the best care involves more than simply hand-holding; trained professionals are the only ones who can offer the kind of expert support and compassionate care that is necessary for good health. Let’s see in more detail the reason behind the rise of home nursing services in Pakistan. 

Addressing Healthcare Challenges

Since the percentage of the elderly population in Pakistan is predicted to double to 12% by 2050, home care services are becoming more and more well-known as a successful kind of rehabilitation in that country. Pakistan has several healthcare issues, one of which is the lack of access to high-quality healthcare services, particularly in rural regions. Traditional healthcare methods frequently fall short of helping those in need because of social conventions, financial limitations, and geographic hurdles. Home nursing services fill this gap by providing patients with healthcare right at their place of residence. The assistance of a qualified expert not only guarantees the patient’s security and well-being but also lessens the pressure and anxiety on the patient and the caregiver.  

PlanCare: Solution to Every Challenge

The rising prices of prescription medications are a major challenge for families dealing with health issues. Maintaining track of multiple medications can quickly become a difficult process, increasing costs and creating risks to the patient. On the other hand, prescription and medication management is the main focus of home nursing services. At PlanCare our professional and qualified nurses are skilled in managing medication schedules, making sure that each prescription is given accurately and on schedule. In addition to taking care of the patient’s physical requirements, our kind staff also offers companionship and emotional support, creating a supportive environment that promotes healing.

Top 4 Benefits of Home Nursing Services 

The rise of anything is caused by a few major factors. Similar to this, there are a few significant advantages to the growth of home care services and online doctor consultations in Pakistan. Among these advantages are:


The majority of people are confused about the costs of home nursing services and believe that they may be more expensive than hospitals, although this is not true. Home nursing services provided by PlanCare are a less expensive option that allows people to get hospital-quality medical care in the convenience of their own homes. PlanCare is a wise option for those looking for full medical help without going over budget because of its outstanding affordability and efficiency when compared to the high costs of in-hospital therapy. 

Comfort at Home:

Nobody can deny that there is no place in the world that compares to the comforts of your home. Reducing a patient’s disease by 50% is possible when they are feeling at ease, and the irregular surroundings of a hospital are never conducive to this kind of relaxation. One can feel uncomfortable and alone in a clinical setting with a steady flow of medical experts and busy hallways. On the other hand, choosing in-home nursing services gives patients the advantage of getting professional medical attention in the comforting shelter of their own homes. With their bodies and minds relaxed patients can encourage a sense of well-being that is favorable for recovery and healing by being surrounded by sights, sounds, and comforts that they are familiar with.

Closer to Family Members:

Family is a person’s greatest strength, and having loved ones around can be comforting to patients while they struggle with disease or injury. In addition to offering patients specialized medical care, in-home nursing services also allow patients to be nearer to their loved ones, which improves morale and emotional health. Family members’ comforting presence could reduce the emotions of abandonment, loneliness, and isolation that frequently lead to long-lasting sickness or recovery. Home nursing services at PlanCare provide a complete solution to care by addressing patients’ emotional and psychological well-being in addition to their physical requirements by creating a sense of connection and support.  

Support in Daily-Life Tasks: 

Apart from medical support, patients frequently face difficulties in carrying out daily self-care activities such as cleaning, personal hygiene, and domestic duties. But with skilled nursing and in-home care, people can get all the help they need to carry out these necessary everyday tasks. A committed group of caregivers is qualified to help patients with a variety of regular duties in addition to treating wounds and providing first aid. All of those services which range from helping with food preparation, medicine reminders, and light housework to assisting with personal hygiene routines like washing, dressing, and grooming are customized to fit the unique needs of each client. 

What services do home nursing provide?

In what situations might you require home nursing assistance? Here are some cases where services of home nursing can be invaluable:

Elderly Care at Home:

After a lifetime of making memories at their house, your elders like grandparents are in need of a little additional help to be well and happy. Here home nursing arrives to provide specialized care so they can keep their independence while receiving the support they require.

Disability Care Service:

Whether a person in your home is mentally or physically disabled. Personalized care and support are provided by home nursing, improving their overall quality of life and enabling them to carry out routine tasks with confidence.

Physician at Home Service:

Whenever you or a loved one is unable to visit the doctor no worries.  Whether it’s for follow-up appointments, consultations, or routine check-ups, home nursing delivers medical care right to where you live, ensuring that your requirements are fulfilled without the inconvenience of traveling.

Private Caregivers/Aya:  

When a family member is unwell or faces age-related difficulties and needs ongoing care. Dedicated caretakers, or aya, are provided by home nursing; they provide company and emotional support in addition to practical help.

Medical Treatment at Home:

A person who has been issued a diagnosis that needs continuous medical care. With home nursing, you can receive care in the comfortable surroundings of your own house, which helps to ease the pain of the healing process.

Post Accidental Care:

If someone is ready to get back to their regular schedule after healing from an injury. Assisting people on their path back to freedom and health, home nursing comes in to offer specialized care and rehabilitation services.

Critical Care at Home:

If a loved one needs constant medical attention and monitoring due to a serious or chronic health condition. They can get the care they need while still staying in comfortable surroundings due to home nursing, which provides the essential support they need.

PlanCare has been currently serving its home nursing services in Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Islamabad for several years and is ranked as the no 1 home healthcare services provider in Pakistan. Experience peace of mind and exceptional care with PlanCare Nursing Home Services. Our experienced group of highly qualified professionals is committed to providing caring, individualized treatment that is suited to each person’s particular need. The top male and female nurses are available at reasonable prices for in-home nursing care. We are here to help you at every stage, whether you or a loved one needs specialist medical care, long-term residential care, or rehabilitation services. Get in touch with us right now to find out how much-individualized care can improve your life.                                                                                                    

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