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Have you been wondering what causes our hair to be static suddenly?. It becomes a never-ending struggle and also, it gets very embarrassing. As far as we can remember, the static charge was only a challenge in winters, but it doesn’t have to be!

It is true that we’re experiencing more static electricity these days!
To learn more about this mystery, keep scrolling!

What Is Static Hair And What Causes It?

Some days, all of a sudden, our hair decides to take on a little extra electrons than usual and thus the electric charge!. This is exactly why your hair strands are repelling each other like magnets. Static charge makes the hair look dry, brittle and unruly. Also, they become clingy and sometimes stand on end!

Static happens usually due to the friction between your hair or any part of the body and some other object. What is important is to understand what is causing it. The culprit can be your hairbrush or the fabric you are wearing. The static charge will go away on its own as the air will get humid. But, even then, if the issue with your hair is still there, this indicates that your hair are dry not the atmosphere.

How Can We Identify The Difference Between Static Hair & Frizz?

The problem is, they seem very much the same and to identify it, one should have a keen observation about their hair. You can say your hair are frizzy if your locks happen to be bend and curled by soaking up all the humidity in the air.

On the other hand, static happens when the weather is comparatively dry and the hair lack humidity.

Frizz is the problem commonly experiences in summers because of more humidity and static happens in the case of less humidity. The good thing is, these both can be tackled in more or less the same way!

Easy Ways To Get Rid Of The Static Charge In Hair

1. Try To Avoid Plastic Combs/Brushes And Switch To Metal or Wood Ones

If your hair gets tangled and you need to brush them a little harder, go for a metal or wood brush or comb. The reason is, plastic being a non-conductive makes the static in your hair way worse than you can imagine. Thus, using wood or metal will help to ease the negative charge from your hair.

2. Say Good Bye To Hot Tools! If You Can’t Let Go Of Your Hairstyling, Try To Use It As Less As You Can.

Using hot tools excessively – blow drying, curlers, heat rollers – can leave your hair unhealthy and damaged. Also, they take away all the natural moisture from your hair leaving them dry and static.

If you are still finding it difficult to manage your styling without these tools, apply a good quality styling product in a small amount to your hair. It will help keep the moisture in hair intact and your hair static free!

3. Try Using Some Water When Your Hair Feels Static

Spray some water to your hands and smooth them on to your hair. This will help to moist them a bit and will balance the positive-and-negative charge.

4. Have You Tried Using The Deep-Conditioning Treatment?

Coconut and avocado hair masks are said to be the best options if your hair is lacking moisture. Try using these hair masks once a week so your hair can stay moisturized.

The Takeaway!

Hair that often gets static can be irritating, frustrating and, above all, EMBARASSING!. But the tips to get rid of it are not very difficult to follow.

Save yourself from this situation by these easy-to-follow methods and to minimize breakage.

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